Best Swiss Junior Entreprise of 2017

Since 1983, the Junior Entreprise EPFL has never stopped developing, allowing more students to benefit from a life-changing experience in the committee. More clients and projects contracted with numerous companies, and more student for efficient achievement of projects. However, we believed that this year, more than ever, was our year! We did believe that we deserved the award of “Junior Entreprise of the Year” in recognition of our significant growth, our tireless efforts in developing new digital tools to optimize our processes, our determined efforts in assisting committee members in their training process and our will to strengthen our links with the JADE network.


That thought was shared by the JADE association who was celebrating their 30 year anniversary and who took the decision to give us the excellence award for best Junior entreprise 2017. More than goals achieved, this year brought us validation, validation by a number of people that we would like to thank for acknowledging our skills, evolution and dedication.


This confirmation was not only significant for us but also for our students that we have been promoting and following on their course to a professional tomorrow. Their trust in us since 1983 is surely a key point in our success. We would like to also thank equally the Junior Entreprise Geneva for striving and giving their best as a competitor of ours.

After celebrating our accomplishment, we now need to head back to working today with tomorrow’s engineers ...